Frequently Asked Questions

Why book a tour with D.A.R.E?

We at DARE are all adventure riders and we know what it means to do an epic ride. It takes a lot of planning and a lot of time. Touring with D.A.R.E., all you have to do is fly in and ride. We look after everything and you need only a week to experience the most breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife worry free.

How much riding experience is necessary?

You must have a valid motorcycle operator’s license. You should also have some off road riding experience seeing that the Dempster and Denali highways are non paved roads. Also experience in riding 3 or 4 days approximately 450 km daily would be beneficial. If you would like to know whether your experience is adequate for the trip, please feel free to contact us.

Am I sure to get the model motorcycle I selected?

We are usually able to confirm that you will ride the model of motorcycle you requested. We will notify you immediately if there are any changes and no additional fees will be charged.

Can I bring a non ride on the tour?

Yes. Our support vehicles have sufficient room and comfort to provide an enjoyable ride for up to three non-riding guests.

Do you supply riding gear?

No, we do not supply riding gear. We do have a suggested list on our information package of essential riding gear needed on long trips in the regions where you will be travelling. For example, helmet, boots, gloves, and riding suit. You should also pack a rain suit, warm and cold weather clothing. The North can be warm and cold in the same day!

Are the motorcycles insured for damages?

We provide insurance for the motorcycles. We have a damage deposit for each motorcycle, which represents your maximum liability.

Should I have cancellation and medical insurance?

We strongly recommend that you get trip cancellation/interruption insurance and medical travel insurance from an insurance company before your departure. This protection provides for payment of a refund in the event you are prevented from taking or completing the trip because of a qualifying circumstance. It also covers any medical expenses incurred during your trip.